The Hackett Family

This family means so much to me. A couple years ago they were a huge part of my life. I spent almost everyday with those two kiddos. During the school year we'd tackle homework and school projects together. I had to make sure they got to sporting events on time. Prepared lunches for the next day. Then during the summer we'd visit the local library, go to many parks, talk about how much they each wanted a dog. There were even times when I had to be the bad baby sitter. Only a few though ;)

I mostly miss laying on the couch watching Pokemon with each of them on either side of me. One would almost always have her iPod in her hands, while the other one would be asking me when it was time to eat. Those were the good day.

Another thing I love so much about this family, is the presence of Love they each radiate. Brian and Alyson have been married over a decade yet they still act like their in the honeymoon stage. They literally complete each others sentences and can always find ways to make each other laugh. I just love it. 

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Painting with light.

As another assignment this semester, we painted with light. My personal favorite examples are the real cheesy sparkler ones where words are spelled out or light is romantically wrapped around a bride and groom. Even though those tend to get my vote, our professors believe those are cliche and overdone. So for our paint by light image we were taught a different way. For my specific picture I used three external flashes with different colored gels on them (blue, yellow and pink). This HAD to be taken late at night when there wasn't any light in the sky. Myself and two other ladies snuck onto the grounds of an old abandoned farm house. Keep in mind that's it's pitch black outside and we're three young ladies carrying expensive gear... Anyways, my exposure was about 30 seconds long and we each flashed a flash the entire time. I was only able to get three shots before a car pulled up and we ran out of there in a panic. 
But not before I got bit by some mysterious creature. Took nearly a month before it healed.
Overall it was a neat assignment. Doesn't hurt that I got an A either ;)

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Melanie & Nate: A Maternity Shoot

You could see the joy and happiness radiating from Melanie's face the entire shoot. She's beyond excited about the the precious boy growing in her belly and what the future holds for him. It's clear she and Nate are going to make great parents.

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Making my first business page.

When I made the decision to return to school for photography, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the degree. All I was sure of was I wanted a know more about the art and to become a better photographer for myself. But as friends ask me to be second shooters for weddings or help out at family shoots, I begin to see myself actually doing it -- actually becoming a photographer. You're probably like 'Duh. You're in school for it. Why wouldn't you?' Becoming a professional photographer was never my goal. It was something that fell under the category of a "Dream Job." Kinda like, when I grow up I want to be an astronaut. But this dream job of mine might actually be a reality.

Cause peeps, I just made a business Facebook page!

It took some courage and a lot help from my friend Mary to make it happen. I was terrified that it would look silly and no one would like it. Still don't have millions of likes ;) it but at least it's made! Baby steps.
I'm working on building a larger portfolio. If you're looking for pictures and you're in the area don't hesitate to shoot me an email. Because I'm trying to grow my portfolio all shoots would be complimentary. Thanks!

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Here's to never growing up.

It hit me today that I'm a married woman. YUCK! I mean, heck, I love being married to M. He's totally the best part of my life. He adds such life to my world that I couldn't have experienced without marriage. But man, sometimes I hate being an adult haha. I've yet to stumble upon someone who actually enjoys paying bills and being responsible. Cause when I do I'll be sure to hand over mine with a big smile on my face :D

Seems like this week I haven't had a single moment of sit down for myself. It's been GO GO GO none stop. After almost having a mental break down I cleared my schedule for the rest of the day and sat my frumpy butt on the sofa and watched a cartoon. It was probably one of the most relaxing things I've done all year. It was an hour for myself that felt amazing. Thank you Tinkerbell for entertaining me and making me smile.
So here's to being kids at heart for the rest of our lives.

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