Home alone.

I'm home alone right. And boy does it suck. 

One. Cause I'm bored.
Two. Cause it's dark outside & I'm alone {CREEPY!}
Three. Cause this house is empty & it looks pretty darn sad.
& Four. Cause M isn't here. & I miss him :(

On a good note though!!! -- Furniture is coming Tuesday!

Our home won't be so sad anymore. Maybe then I'll finally be able to post some pictures :)

But for now, here's a couple pictures of what things currently look like. Don't get too excited.
 Nice blurry picture of some boxes in a corner filled with crap.
Here's our living room with no furniture. Notice the kitchen chair? Yeah, we've been improvising.
Who new furniture took forever to ship?! Lalala. Whatever though. We have a home!

Anywho. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We sure enjoyed ours. I had zero assignments that I "had" to work on this weekend. So I tok it off & relaxed in our naked home. 

Now to start a new week. Bring it on Monday. I'm ready for ya!
Nighty night friends!

xx, L


  1. cannot wait to see it! congrats on your new home (and hang in there!! i hate being home alone too)

  2. I am excited to see all of your furniture and now it looks afterwards :)

  3. i can't wait to see it when it's all put together!!



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