we thought it would be fun if this year {2013} we tried to take a picture of us together everyday. i know taking a picture of yourself everyday sounds vain but we thought how neat would it be to see ourselves change this year. it would also force us to be creative & challenge us with a camera. hope you enjoy.

we try to update our instagram account with our 365 project. follow along @thebrothertons #365TheBrothertons

day one.
M had to visit the emergency care down the road. Maggie took a bite out of his hand.
enjoying our winter break. almost time to go back to reality.
date night!
i think it's time for M to shave.
it's cold outside.
we hate mondays'.
maybe next year notre dam.
the brotherton's!
it's true :)
visited the DQ drive thru tonight.
it was a beautiful day today.
lake time.
headed out to dinner.
6 months of marriage today.
singing in the rain.
crossing our fingers for snow.
no snow, but the sun was out.
went to the park with the family.
i'm on a boat.
my new favorite photo.
some say we look alike...
hola from the brotherton's
we spent the majority of the day sitting right here. #lazybums
obligatory mirror pic.
church service we fab this morning.
we have the monday blues.
bought this strand of lights today. they're little birdies.
see ya' january!

oh you know, just playing on the floor.
i need to invest in wrinkle cream.
went to the in-laws for a home cooked meal.
not sure what the mr. is doing, but he's cute.
yay for the love month!
i made heart stamped jeans in honor of valentine's day.
beanie lovers.
just an average car ride. maggie's back there somewhere.
now all we need is a horse to ride off into the sunset.
mirror mirror.
heart garland.
kodi wanted to be in the picture of the day.
so excited to light these heart lanterns on vday.
it was chilly outside by the lake. 
at my youngest sister's lacrosse game.
at the theater watching warm bodies.
sorry for the poor quality. taken with my phone.
we found a pack of balloons.
thinking about chopping my hair off.
wearing shorts in february! say whaaat?
yes, i wear a retainer to bed.
another classy brotherton family photo.
party in the bathroom.
if we're home, these are almost always on our feet.
first time we were separated this year. so we had to take a picture of ourselves separately then put the together.
cut my hair!
he adds so much silliness to our marriage.

i asked him if he would still love me if i had a mustache. he's still unsure.
dinner prayers.
PDA ;)
i just showered. definitely couldn't show my face. 
rolling around on the floor. it's become a hobby nowadays.
i was in a bad mood.
catching the last bit of the sunset.
another lacrosse game. go holly!
first sleeveless shirt of the year.
being lazy. it's what we do best.
hanging out by the water.
we have well water. thought you should know.
we work out! M looks like he's sniffing his armpit.
hey! wassup?
just rushed home from work. my eyes are puffy & my heart hearts. found out my cousin was killed last night in a car wreck.
happy saint patrick's day.
playing around with photo booth. kinda forgot it existed.
about to head to bed. M's brushing his teeth & i'm prepped to wash my face.
most of the brazzell's & two brotherton's. i have an awesome family.
it was a rough week. makes you realize what's important in life.
i love falling asleep in his lap.
he brought menchie's home! can i get a whoop whoop!
it's beanie weather again!
dirty socks.
this picture made me laugh. we look awful.
M made his famous milkshakes. mmmm!
sunset smooches.
getting ready to head to dinner.
took the girls to the park today. they hate walking with leashes.
happy Easter!

M surprised me with a trip to northern georgia. it was such a surprise & greatly enjoyed.
he's taller than me. ...but not by that much.
hello makeup-less laurie. black & white please.
we're in my sister-in-laws room. pumped about the color run tomorrow.
the color run. M didn't want to run it, instead he was the photographer. #marriedtoablogger
we started the squat challenge. so far i haven't noticed a difference, but M's been in pain since day one.
spring has to be my favorite season.
another afternoon spent on the sofa.
an updated brotherton family photo. #100thday
he brought home a couple pallets for me to play with. not sure what to make.
watching the sunset.
duck face.
first time EVER we went to bed without taking our picture. it was 10:15 when i realized it. M was already asleep. oops.
not sure what that face is...
there's that weird face again.
don't ask.
spent the night at my parent's.
mom made us cute pancakes for breakfast.
kodi photo bombing.
it's so green outside. 
been wearing caps a lot lately {specifically this one}.
we went shopping. yay!
yes, that's sunburn...
kodi practicing dock diving.
we had a mud fight :)
grilling out for dinner.
playing in the yard.
maggie in the middle
waiting for our sonic shakes.
hey! we're the brotherton's!
almost forgot to take our picture...
that's a lot of red.
kodi photo bombing.
sonic shakes again.
M & his weird facial expressions.
walking at the park. #shawdows
watching house hunters international.
going to new york at the end on the month!
kisses in the sun.
mother's day.
we got happy dogs hats!
more xxxx's
playing in a tree.
late night movie date -- on a thursday!!
movie ended after midnight :o
family cookout at the brotherton's
oh you know, making silly faces with L's little sister.
being romantic.
M's all dressed up for a work banquet. spouses weren't invited :(
another night at sonic, getting milkshakes!!
yep... we're moving.
last picture at this place.
we're big kids now.
gotta have fun :)
doing some window shopping.
we're all packed & ready for nyc!
on the newark airport terminal headed to penn station!
times square lovin.
playing in central park.
headed back to atlanta. expecting some turbulence :/
playing in the streets like kids.
dinner date
smiling before bedtime.
i feel like this picture describes our relationship best.
we love each other more & more each day.
we clean up okay.


  1. haha love this idea! itll be fun looking back at it in 2014. i'm doing something similar and taking a self picture every month. i'm not disciplined enough to take one every day haha. xx | natalia.

  2. What a great idea! So cute! :)

  3. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I may have to borrow this for the future =)

  4. How did I not see this!!?? This is such a great idea! I wish I thought of doing something like this :) Loved looking through these photos!! :)

    PS: you are too pretty!


  5. Woah! I found your blog while on Lauren Elizabeth's "High Five for Friday" post. You two are precious! And, I totally went to OMS for middle school when we lived in Cumming, living in south GA now. (I saw your hubs shirts/hoodies, ha!) Small world!

    Love this idea!

  6. this is the cutest idea ever!


  7. I love this idea so much!!!! Miiiiiiight have to steal this!!! I'd love to do something like this after Jeremy and I get married!!!

    But seriously, you two are the cutest! anddd you always look like you're having fun... that.is.awesome.



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