Christmas tree 2013 + Video

We FINALLY got a tree. Yes I'm aware Christmas is only six days away. But they say "better late than never."

We had to get the smaller tree this year. ONE because all the good ones were taken already. And TWO because we had no way of getting a big tree home. Our little ole Corolla could't transport anything bigger than the one we got. But I'm pleased with our tree. He's a twerp but he's cute. And on the bright side, he only took a mere three minutes to decorate. No complaints from me.

Last year's tree.


  1. Love your baby tree and the little animals popping up lol. But nooo not beiber!!


  2. So cute!! Love the little trees. They are the cutest :)

  3. Yes, better late than never! :) LOVE your little tree, and your video was too cute!! Always a joy seeing your pretty face! And M as always being silly! Merry Christmas beautiful, and a Happy New Year!! xoxo!!



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