This is Ryze and he really is perfect. Who would have thought we'd get a cat? But after a really hard month in November, somehow getting a cat was the most logical thing to do. 

M (from the other room). Laurie?
L. Yeah babe?
M (still from the other room). Laurie can you come here please?
L (thinking something serious). Yeah, I'm here. What's wrong?
M. I want a cat. (something he's never said before).
L. Ugh, sure. Yeah. 
M. I'm gonna go get one. Today.

And behold Ryze. I wasn't even there to pick him out. First thoughts were:

// He's going to snap out of it. 
// It's just a phase.
// He's not going to find any he likes. 
// He's going to realize that we already have two pets and a third one would be insane.
// Doesn't he know we're dog people?

It seemed that he didn't realize any of that and still came home with a 15 week old kitten. But in his defense Ryze is pretty damn cute. He's crazy affectionate. Purrs 24/7. Loves cuddling with Maggie. And follows us around everywhere. Oh! And we're teaching him to walk on a leash. Pretty cool huh? 

Now I'm crossing my fingers for some cat apparel for Christmas.


  1. you know that i'm working on our matching cat lady sweatshirts! and our cats can have matching bow ties just to top it all off ; ) ryze is simply precious, i'm glad that having a cuddle buddy is making the month just a little easier : )

  2. Ahh I love cats and he is so cute! I just love your IG photos of him!! Welcome to the cat club ;-)



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