One day I'm gonna be a videographer... NOT

Last week in Multimedia, we recorded video and audio of us reciting Shel Silverstein poems. I discovered a couple things about myself:

ONE: I need to start volunteering at libraries or locate children's hospitals because boy I sound so happy... 

TWO: Once I finish being a good person at the nearby hospitals, I should definitely enter in a beauty pageant because my posture could win its own award. 

and THREE: I'm most definitely pursuing a career in videography. I mean my auto focus skills are immaculate. Who doesn't love an out of focus video?

But enough about me.
This assignment was definitely a huge learn for me. Before this I don't even think I used the video mode on my camera. So yeah, I was a bit clueless when all the lights (which by the way, our professor said our group's lighting group was amazing) and boom mic were set up and it was time to start recording. 
But I'd say this was a successful first draft. 
Now who's going to buy a Shel Silverstein book and read Welinda the Witch?

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