Providence Canyon

Okay, so for like the looooooooongest time, I've been at Mitch to take me to Providence Canyon State Park. It's a great hiking park that's made up of manmade canyons. The canyons were accidental; how, you ask I'm not real sure, but it had something to do with poor farming techniques. But these canyons are located in south Georgia - about three hours from us and Mitch wasn't keen on the idea of hoping int he car for a few mile hike. But somehow I convinced him enough that the three hour car ride there and the other three hour car ride back was worth it. And it was!
We even brought our hiking companion Kodi along with the adventure. The weather was PERFECT and we arrived early enough that no one was there. However, by the time we left there wasn't a single parking spot left and it was crowded with people. 
The park was made up of nine different canyons. Each better than the last. The canyon floor was weird. It was covered in a thin red layer of standing water. Which definitely made for muddy paws :)
The day was a blast. We had a cute little picnic in the sun and talked about how one day we'd bring our kids here to play. 

See Mitch, I told ya it was a good idea to go ;)

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  1. How fun. I'm the opposite of you, my husband is the one always finding a canyon or some new place to park. When we are traveling some where he will say "can we stop att his park? It's on the way" and by on the way, he means out of the way =)

  2. I am jealous! I don't think either of the kids would survive that! Maybe I will just leave them with Mitch and kidnap you ;)

  3. when you bring your kids, let me know. we'll go together ; )oh and hopefully have kids around the same time. because Lord knows i'm going to need lots of girlfriends to help me through that!



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