friday's letters {24}

dear maggie you got groomed yesterday & dang! do you look good or what. okay, you might lean more towards "or what". i told the groomer i wanted her hair short. it's basically summer, so girlfriend will get hot. well, shame on me, but i assumed the groomer would do a cocker cut on maggie, just making her hair shorter all around.... nope. she went shoooort. even got rid of her skirt. so now maggie looks like Donkey from shrek the movie.
dear packing we have officially run out of boxes & tape. hmmmm... what now?
dear dinner with friends it's been long overdue. i can't wait to see you tonight & eat all your food ;)
dear new york this time next week we will probably working on our second breakfast & hitting up central park for some fun.
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dear M i know you're tickled pink right now -- it's your last day of school! your summer vacation begins at 4pm. i'm ready to be lazy & do nothing with you, because even doing nothing is fun with you. xo

happy friday! no big plans for us this weekend, oh wait, we're moving ha! any big plans for memorial weekend?

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  1. Found your blog via H54F...and so glad I did. Now following! Good luck with your move this weekend!!

    1. yay!!! thank you so much for following along betty :)))

  2. Haha, I love how you think your pup now looks like donkey! :D She def pulls the look off well and is still super adorable! And I am so EXCITED about you going to NY!! It's almost here!!!


    1. thank you shio! maggie appreciate the sweet comment too :) yeah, only three more days till we're there!!!

  3. Maggie looks so cute! That's how my mom keeps her two cockers cut in the summer otherwise they are walking around panting 24/7!

    1. yes! i know exactly how that is. the cut is growing on me each day. at least i know she's comfortable :)



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