lately {18}

{1} lately the weather has been delightful. yesterday it was 83 degrees with the perfect amount of wind blowing in the background. they say today's going to be 87! it's enabled me to take walks & spend large amounts of time outside. it's where i've developed a nasty farmer's tan. i'm too embarrassed to show a picture of my two-toned body. 
{2} as many of you know, i wuv my pups. i can never have too many pictures with them.
{3} a quick snap of me & my biggest role model. i love my mom more & more each day.
{4} aqua terra -- a hidden gem in our town. we only eat there on special occasions. on mother's day we made sure to hit that place up! that's where M & i shared a delicious cheese platter & i ate the most mouth watering sea scallops ever. i can still taste them. mmm.
{5} all the moms front & center at church being blessed.
{6} lately we've been soaking up as much time with our little lake as possible. we have only 13 days left here & we've yet to find a place or even started packing. i keep telling myself "maybe tomorrow". #nahhh 

what have you been up to lately?


  1. good luck with the move! i know you'll find the perfect place even though you have to give up the lake : ( and i think it's so cool that your church blessed all the moms like that, they're heroes!

    1. yea i know we will too. we just have to make the effort to look haha.
      mom's make this world a much better place.

  2. What wonderful weather and an adorable puppy! Love your blog :) Just followed.

    xo, Ainslee


    1. I love great weather. It brightens up your day... no pun intended :)
      Thanks for following along!!!

  3. I love that you take a ton of photos of your dogs - just like me! Good luck with moving!

  4. Just discovered your blog via the GFC Blog Hop and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the move. Where are you heading too?




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