weekend recap // cookout style

isn't there a saying like, "the first day of summer isn't until the first cookout"? no? well that should definitely be a saying.
can we agree that my sisters are going to grow up breaking so many hearts.
little sisters & cousins.
me & my full-time best friend/sister-in-law.
we have such a rad family. 

this weekend M & i invited our family over for a cookout. sort of a last hurrah!  before we move out THIS saturday. yes, the day keeps moving closer & closer. originally the moving date was the 30th, but we'll be in nyc that day, so it moved to the 27th, which has finally & officially moved to the 25th. cross your fingers it doesn't move to tomorrow -- i joke. i joke. cookouts are, & will forever be, one of the most timeless family events ever. it's a given that you will have fun. you will laugh, share stories & eat till you hurt. it's just time to be together, & wants more important than that.

planning any cookouts soon?
if so, can i come ;)


shio from sweetness a boos said i was one of her top 5 favorite blogs to read! say whaaaat?! 
i love her & can't say how flattered & honored i am :) 
be sure to check out her post spotlighting her top 5 6 favorite blogs.

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