Best Birthday Gift Ever

If you don't remember my 24th birthday was last month. M always goes BIG with gift giving. We've talked about doing smalls things for each other but really he's thinking whatever (makes it really difficult for me when it's his birthday). This year he got me a long weekend trip to St. Augustine beach with our two pups. It's what drove me these last three weeks through school & work. I was obviously over-the-moon excited. 
Yes that was a lot of pictures. I have more. Wanna see? Kidding.

This trip was very special. Not only was it a fabulous gift from the Mr. but our girls got to tag along. They both loved the beach. Kodi was more interested in becoming a fish while Maggie couldn't stop sniffing the dunes. Everyday we had to rinse her face off cause there was so much sand on it. 

We didn't try to cram everything into out trip like we usually do. Instead we went slow. Relaxed. Did whatever we felt like doing -- not what we thought we needed to do in order to get the "most" out of the trip. It was nice. Better than nice. It was perfect. My favorite part were the belly laughs. We talked about our future. Wondered when the next time we'd be back with our girls. Even wondered if we'd have a human baby by then. I honestly feel content & overjoyed after that long weekend at the beach.


  1. Weekends at the beach with the husband and pup are some of my absolute favorite. So glad you got to make some great memories - and snap some great photos!

  2. how fun!!! it is amazing what a little get away will do, so restoring! the pictures look amazing. i could use some of that heat now ;)

  3. I love all these pictures! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. :) Was that ice cream for dogs I saw???

  4. SOOOO FUN!!!! Enjoy those last bits of summer :) What a sweet husband you have! Gorgeous pictures as always dear!

  5. Those pups are more than adorable . It sounds super relaxed trip , I think I'm missing summer & beaches already!!!

  6. Oh that Mitch, just so loving to his beautiful wife! :) Loved all your pics, I vote more pics, but that's just me ;) And how cute that you were able to take your pups along for the ride! Missed visiting you via virtual web, I am horrible at blogging these days!! Love you dear friend, glad to see you smile!! xoxo!!



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