It's a dog toy. I swear!

Yeah, I fooled you didn't I?
There's a local pet store by our house that we enjoy visiting every weekend. They often have things you can't find at the larger pet stores. We always get Kodi a new toy (Problem? Probably, cause her toy basket is overflowing as I type). Maggie isn't the one to play with toys now that she's ancient, so we resort to treats. Usually ones that make her breath smell good.

Well we found this toy hanging on the wall by all the other toys. Because of it's length & that it floats, M thought it would be perfect to bring to the beach this week. He enjoys finding the toys more than me so I encouraged him & told him she'd love it.
We should have known this toy didn't look right. I mean come on! Look at it! But before we stopped in the pet store we had a large Mexican lunch where I finished my entire plate friends. So as you can imagine we were a bit lethargic. Because... the first thing my father-in-law said when we got home with it was "that looks like a sex toy".

And he's totally right.

So now we call it Kodi's Sex Toy.


We're going to make excellent parents.
Oh! We bought the Small. They came in Medium & Large sized too ;)

Happy day my peeps!


  1. oh my goodness! That is so funny!

  2. haah love it!! And that is a small?! I don't even want to imagine a larger one!

  3. this.is.amazing! the things they think would be good pet toys baffle me. someone should have caught on to that before it hit production ; )

  4. Winston has this in blue and I have to tell anyone who comes over that it is a dog toy! It's hilarious to watch their faces!

  5. Thanks for making me spit out my water. Hehehee.



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