The Brotherton's

Hello peeps!
For those who are new around here I wanted to introduce ourselves to you.
We're really big into things like food. Specifically Sonic milkshakes. Fast food is cool too. I'm good to eat anything and like to try new things. Mitch on the other hand hates most food. The boy doesn't even like mac n' cheese!

We're also obsessed with our pups. Kodi is a free spirit. She loves her daddy and prefers running free. Maggie is definitely the happiest of the group. She never stops wagging her tail and offers kisses to anyone who asks. Which reminds me! We have a new addition to our teeny family! 

We also like things like taking way too many selfies together. I'm always on Instagram and love documenting our lives together. It's mah thang. 

We live in the states. Georgia, specifically. He's a teacher. I'm a photography student. 
We love to travel. Try new things. But you'll often find us staying in watching mindless movies.

Don't be shy and send me an email introducing yourself. I'd love to meet ya!



  1. I love your new blog design! So pretty!

  2. Well hello you cute kids!! Loving the new look!!
    xo Laura Beth

  3. This is such a fun intro to you guys. Nice to meet you too!

  4. I love your blog! So fun! I am a relatively "new blogger", in fact I have no idea what I am doing and i'm in the process of recreating a whole brand new blog for like the 5,000 time. This is such a fun introduction. I Love it.<3

  5. sonic shakes are the best!! Love them



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