8 weeks

i told myself that when i moved out & got married, i wouldn't be my mom. HA! it seems like everything i do lately reminds me of just the person. & the more i think about it, the more a smile creeps across my face & i think there's no one i would want to be more like. but getting to my point, Christmas is only 8 weeks away. that's only 56 days to prepare. & that's when i thought of my mom. i know she's got a list of what everyone has just been dying to have. i also know she doesn't wait till the last minute to buy & wrap gifts. so i made the initiative last night & told M that i was going to start shopping. 1) because if i don't i'm going to wake up one morning due to an anxiety attack because i failed Christmas. 2) (a bit less dramatic) because it will keep us from spending loads of money in a small amount of time. nobody likes watching their bank account disappear. so, even though M likes to laugh at me & say "Christmas shopping? it's not even Thanksgiving yet." i'm on a mission to buy my friends & family gifts before the last minute. i already have the perfect wrapping paper.

i'm looking forward to reading about everyone's halloween & the cute outfits they dressed their kids & pets with. yes, i said pets. who doesn't buy costumes for them? ;)

happy halloween eve!

*the picture was sent from my older sister (left) with one of my younger sisters & my rockstar mom (right). as i was writing this post i was searching for a picture (because all posts need a picture, right?) & this was sent to me. it's was like they read my mind from forty miles away. 

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