weekend in review

naturally, we took the pups trail blazin'. the wind was just beginning to pick up here & that's when the girls are most frisky. we walked all along the lake. saw some old birdhouses, tons of fallen leaves, and bushels of pine cones. kodi apologizes for showing you her bum. she understands it's not ladylike but swears she was on the trail of something great in defense. 
during the weekend we watched several football games & maggie spent most of it papa's arms.
and early this morning i stopped but a local thrift store, The Abba House, looking for a larger desk for M. wasn't able to find him a larger work space, but found other goodies ;) 

now on to a new week.
happy monday!


  1. I love the pictures on your blog and enjoyed visiting it. You have some beautiful Fall photos and it looks like your dog gets a lot of doggy love.
    I am following you now from the hop and would love for you to follow back.

  2. Thanks Jillian for stopping by and commenting. I definitely checked your lovely blog out and followed. Hope to hear from you again!



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