a little about ourselves

we've been best friends for many years and recently got married. maggie was my baggage and kodi was his. together we made a perfect, and yet so not typical, family of four. we both were born and raised in the south, where we still hold refuge. in the few short months of marriage, i've learned to cook just about everything in a crock-pot. which i must say i'm quite proud of :) oh! and i've learned, still mastering, how to share the bed with another human. M is still learning to stomach my cooking and knowing when enough sunday football is enough... it's easy to say that we love this new life we are creating together. we know the best is yet to come.

*pictures are all in chronological order, starting from 2008 to 2012. maggie is our cocker spaniel & kodi is our adopted husky/shepard. 

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