what we are lovin' about autumn

this time of the year has always been a favorite. not sure if it has something to do with the atmosphere changing, schedules getting busier, or the smells - yeah, it's gotta be the smells. but whatever it is that's causing this infatuation with autumn, please don't stop.
it seems like pumpkin is the top fall food to cook with and boy, have we taken advantage of that! so far we've made a pumpkin pie. like the anti-domestic housewife i am, i forgot to pick up pie crust (and no, i couldn't make some homemade. didn't you see the words anti-domestic?) so it was a crustless pumpkin pie (if such a thing exists). one of M's personal favorites is pumpkin spice lattes made with a crock-pot! Again, anti-domestic (promise not to use that phrase again). 
just the other day i made chocolate chip pumpkin bread. it was such a hit that i don't have a picture...

i'd love to hear some of your favorite fall recipes, especially those that call for pumpkin ;)

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