another friday letter's {17}

h a p p y   f r i d a y
dear me you've been a poor blogger the past couple weeks. yes yes, we know... you've been busy, life gets in the way. but they all say that. do better.
dear life you heard that ^^^ i won't use you as an excuse anymore. i'm going to be more strict about my posts. i'm actually going to fill out my post calendar & stick to it. so, no matter how hard you hit me i won't let you defeat me. boom.
dear ebay kinda been all up in your biznaz this morning. thinking about buying a juicer. anyone know of a good brand? i'm clueless.
dear juicer after this weekend's tragedy, everyone in the community came out to pay their respects. everyone also brought over a year's worth of food. so, my family & i have been munching on four different homemade mac n' cheeses, breakfast casseroles, spaghetti & bbq sandwiches. Lord only knows how much sugar & carbohydrates i consumed. in great need of that juicer. also, that much food does crazy things to you, if you know what i mean... several bathroom visits in a single day.
dear spring so far you've provided lots of sunshine, but no warmth. take away the wind & we will be on good terms. k? thanks.


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  1. Yay, I'm glad to see a happy pic :) I think we all get super busy and blogging gets the short end, but sometimes other things are more important. I love juicing, and I would totally recommend the Brivelle. There is a movie that I saw awhile ago about this guy being totally unhealthy and started juicing and this is the juicer he used. I love mine!


    1. yea, i was noticing a grimm tone on the blog, so it was time to change it up :) a Brivelle huh? looking it up now! thanks for the recommendation.
      have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. wow... how ADORABLE are you? Love your hair and smile!


  3. I've heard the Brivelle is awesome. I've been interested in juicing lately too, just trying to see if I want to fork over that many dollars for something that makes juice... :) Let me know how it goes for you!


    1. i've been having the same battle. is it really worth it? maybe we will see :)

  4. You've got a gorgeous smile!



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