friday's letters {18}

dear spring break i'm soooo glad you're here!!! technically it's not my spring break it's M's. but i'm still doing backflips down the hallway because M will be home all day everyday for nine days. no late night meetings. no after school track practice. now he'll be home in time for my toddler pleasing dinners.
dear crock pot you're my favorite kitchen appliance. hands down. you make preparing dinners so much easier, you eliminate like, four steps. i just throw {yes, literally throw} in whatever meat was on sale at the grocery store, a pinch of spice here & a dash of... another spice there & viola! you cook to perfection every time. & the best part of it all, M thinks it was me ;)
dear weather man i know i can be hard on you. like the time you said it was going to be partly cloudy then it snowed & i called you bad names. & like that time when you said there was a high chance of heavy rain, so naturally i wore wellies & my raincoat, but it turned out i overdressed & discovered my feet could sweat {t.m.i.} & again, i called you bad names. but i was proud of you yesterday. you called for a beautiful day -- & yes, i was skeptical, but optimistic nonetheless -- & it was quite the beautiful day. no bad name calling yesterday. keep it up! {that's what she said}.
dear 365 project you've grown to be pretty challenging. thank you everyone who encourages us & speaks so kindly of the project. when we thought about starting it we didn't think we'd get this far. today marks the 88th day & with've yet to miss a day. but many times we are burnt out on creative ideas. so those nights we take them by "the wall". it's literally a wall {shocker} in our living room. we just sit in the same two spots & cheese. if there's any creative poses, backgrounds, acts or ideas please share them. otherwise the next 277 pictures will be of us in our pj's frowning by "the wall". ideas people. i need some inspiration!

have a blessed Easter weekend!
happy Good Friday!

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  1. Hi I think you rock so I nominated you for an award! Stop by my blog to check it out :]

    xo sharon

  2. i need to use my crockpot more. i bought one a year ago and so far only soup and mulled wine have graced our presence. not that either of those are bad : )

    1. owww both sound delightful... especially the milled wine ;)

  3. I need a crockpot!! I used to have one. :( Now I am addicted to my Vitamixer lol!

    1. what?! i thought it was wife-101 to own a crockpot :p kidding of course. the vitamixer sounds way more interesting though!



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