signs of spring

you know spring is peeking it's head around the corner when you see Easter goodies on the shelves. when leaves are returning to the trees & the geese & ducks all flock to the lake. it's also a sign when the daffodils are in bloom & when you can feel the warm wind blowing. but my favorite sign of spring is the smell of fresh grass getting cut. i love that smell. it's somehow comforting & makes me nostalgic.

it also comes with an added bonus -- i get to see my honey look like this! ha! 
had to run outside & snap a few pictures. he looks hysterical. 
 do you have any favorite signs of spring?


  1. there is no grass here in colorado to cut yet!!! so fun! i love fresh cut grass!

    1. hahaha the grass just started growing here. we just really wanted an excuse to cut it :)



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