Costa Rica Day Uno

I know I've been a terrible blogger and I didn't inform you that we planned a trip to Costa Rica. I apologize for that. When we decided that we were going (which was back in December) it was sort of spur of the moment and then before we knew it, it was time to go. With school, work, and sometimes a personal life, things kept us so busy that February 18th was already upon us. No complaints though. We were ready for a warm vacation, especially with all the snow we were hit with.
We arrived on a Tuesday night. So unfortunately we weren't able to do much of anything except ride to our resort and peep out the window at the sights. But Wednesday was filled with an all-day excursion. As a large group, we left at 6:30 in the morning where we were headed to a coffee plantation. We enjoyed authentic Costa Rican breakfast at the plantation's cafe. I'm pretty sure I could eat rice and beans for breakfast for the rest of my life. Oh and don't get me and Mitch started on their juice. Just know everything was so fresh and light. I could eat 24/7 and never feel overly full. 

Immediately afterwards we walked around the grounds where we were educated on how they plant and grow the coffee in Costa Rica. I'll be honest, I was really naive to it all. First I didn't know coffee beans grew on trees. Say what? Then I learned that coffee isn't naturally caffeinated! They send their coffee beans to Europe where they are infused with caffeine. It's all still sinking in for me. Mitch had to ask the tour guide if he was sure that was right haha. We just weren't ready to believe it I guess.
Baby coffee trees coming to life.

After washing the beans they lay them out in the sun to dry for two full days.

The ladies.
The Brotherton men.
After the coffee plantation, we were off to our next destination - Poas Volcano. This sucker is an active volcano. On the hike up to the top there were evacuation signs informing us how to exit if it were to erupt. I focused on the scenery and not the fact that underneath me was molten lava.
It was all so beautiful. Then our final destination for the day was by the La Paz river. There wew witnessed hundreds of butterflies come to life. We were in the middle of a hummingbird garden with the biggest and prettiest little birds I had ever seen. The river also had three gorgeous waterfalls throughout it. Everything was so lush and green, I was expecting it to be much warmer but the weather was perfect. At times I even needed a coat.
The views in Costa Rica are amazing. You can see the Rockies looking one way and look the other way and see the volcanos. Gorgeous hills everywhere you looked and everything was a vibrant green. 
Our first day was definitely one for the books. 

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  1. This looks like such a fun trip! I'm glad you got to go to a coffee plantation. When I grew up in Brazil I used to run around in people's coffee fields while my parents visited. Rice, beans and fresh juice! aaaah, I miss that so much!

  2. ok i knew the trees part but the no caffeine?! whodathunk. i wonder how they got the idea to take a bean and infuse it with caffeine? it looks so beautiful there. i love that you got to climb up a volcano!! bad-a** lady friend. it's at the top of the list for jeremy and i, and i think we might need some tour guides ; )

  3. Gasp! That humming bird picture is beautiful! Love the volcano pics too!!!



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