Little reminders

After losing my father-in-law late last year, we knew this year wasn't going to be the same. We knew it was going to be hard. So together Mitch and I created a list of things that make us happy. Little reminders that we can still smile. Ways to remind us that we're in this together and I'm always here for him. Simple reminders that love triumphs death every time.

. . . Our pets.
// Lazy weekends. & weekdays too…
. . . Kuerig coffees.
// PDA.
. . . Old pictures from our high school days. Like these gems.
// Pretending to be Schmidt.
. . . Bad selfies.
// Fist bumps.
. . . Dancing in our underwear.
// Eating way too much kettle corn.
. . . Drinking way too much Moscato.
// Snuggling by the fire.
. . . Si-fi movies.
// Publix commercials. Like this precious one.
. . . One Direction on repeat.
// Taking the animals to see their Grandma.
. . . Sonic milkshakes.
// Saying foul words just because.
. . . Sleeping in together.
// Brushing each others teeth.
. . . Long boarding tandem style.
// Pillow fights.
. . . Sitting by the fire.
// Movie dates.
. . . Naming our future kiddos.
// Poo-Pourri
This stuff works magic!
The list goes on and on.
It's important to be reminded of the little things in life. Those little things shape
and mold all the bigger pieces that make our life whole.

Happy Friday my peeps!

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