Lately it's all been about us mooping around the house, wishing we were back in Costa Rica. Oh yeah! We went to Costa Rica for a week in February. I didn't share that with you? Ooops. Well it was amazing. I'll share more about it in another post ;)

But lately we've been looking at the pictures and sharing with each other what our favorite part was. M's favorite was the day we spent at Jaco beach. That day was actually his birthday! We stumbled upon a local candy store where he got himself a birthday coffee mug filled with sweet treats and even made a goodie baggie with delicious Costa Rican taffy. Twas a fun day! I'm still struggling to figure out my single favorite thing about the trip because it was all amazing. 

Because we're home and NOT in Costa Rica, we've been struggling to get back into our "normal" routines. Lately I haven't stepped foot in the gym and it's showing... 

Lately I've also been on a serious coffee kick. I'm typically a tea gal but coffee has beens my saving grace this week. And I'm so glad I got that cute lil metal coffee mug from Costa Rica, cause every morning it reminds me of the zip lining, volcanos, the view from our room, the laughs the language barriers caused, the moments of beauty from the landscape, and the many more memories we created together.

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  1. Ok, that mug is SO CUTE! I just love it! Also, in looking at your pictures closely (is that just weird?), I LOVE your black dress and necklace! That is, if it is a dress…Such a classy lady! Can't wait to hear more about Costa Rica! OR maybe I just missed it?



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