Zip Lining in a Rainforest

We were sure we weren't going to be able to get up the next morning after spending the entire day exploring Costa Rica just a few hours earlier. But knowing that we had zip lining in a Costa Rican rainforest to look forward to it was easy. 

Our start wasn't as early as our first day's. So we were able to enjoy a good breakfast before we were off. The drive was almost two hours to our destination, but the views were well worth it. It was like a movie scene everywhere we went. The entire country was just so breathtaking. 

We booked with the San Luis zip lining tour. They were rated to be the best in all of Costa Rica. Offering the most cables, best views, and of course - best bang for your buck! 

I had previously planned not to bring my camera. One, for obvious reasons. Two, sometimes cameras get in the way. Many times I notice I'm clicking away while my friends and family are all enjoying the company of each other or looking at a view that I can't completely appreciate through the lens. I still wanted to capture a few moments, so I remembered to bring my iPod touch for some great quality pics ;) The company also offered to take pictures and videos of us throughout the entire tour for only $25! We left with a disc with over 300 pictures and 20 videos. 
My little nifty iPod hard at work.
Not sure why I'm making a duck face when we were told to act tough.
About to swing out over the rainforest's canopy. There's a video of me doing it, but I shouted a few explicit words so I figured i shouldn't post that ;)
Just finished the tour!
Definitely another great day! When we arrived back at our resort we all showered and got ready for a nice family dinner out at a Peruvian restaurant. 

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  1. Yay how fun is that! We were wanting to go in Thailand, but it was SO EXPENSIVE!!!! Opted to travel to another destination area instead. ;)

  2. I went zip lining at that same place! So awesome!

  3. i'm so glad that you got to go! and here's to going bungee jumping together ; )

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