A little photo shoot

Earlier last Fall, I had the pleasure of photographing my two younger sisters. I just needed the pictures for a class assignment, so it was all basically for fun. Naturally they were great sports about it. I mean, what middle school girls don't love having their pictures taken? Not only did they make it fun, they made it super easy. They were such naturals and handled the poses like it was second nature to them. 
This was my very first shoot with the subject being people. I enjoyed it so much that I want to learn everything there is to learn about Portraiture photography. I even did family shoot a few weeks later. And have more scheduled in the coming months! Photography is such a neat skill because there's always something to be learned. Even after completing photography school I hope to continue to grow in my skills.

 photo lauriesig2_zps9ddb0c9f.jpg



  1. These photos are lovely! How nice to be able to do this with your family.

  2. These are great! Your sister's are the cutest.

  3. So excited to see where your photography takes you friend! These pics are amazing and your sisters are so pretty!! xoxo!!

  4. Love that your getting into photography! Such a great skill to have!!

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