Snow Day!

Two days ago, Georgia experienced a phenomena -- snow. The last time it snowed like this was in 2010. 

Evidence ... 

This time we weren't snowed in for nine days (which I'm glad about) but we did get to frolic a bit in the yard with the girls. You can imagine how much Kodi loves the snow, being a Husky and all. She gets so playful sometime she's not sure what to do. Maggie on the other hand, couldn't hate the snow more. Poor thing. Her arthritis flares up and Little Thing shivers none-stop. But she loves her mama and papa so much she puts up with it in small doses. I don't have Ryze photographed because that dude wasn't interested in the snow, or cold weather one bit. If he had a middle finger I'm sure he'd be sharing it with Georgia's current weather situation right now.

My heart goes out to all those who were stranded or in an accident due to the weather. You were all in our thoughts and prayers. 

 photo lauriesig2_zps9ddb0c9f.jpg


  1. What beautiful pups in the snow! They look so happy :) Enjoy your snow!

  2. my cocker doesn't like the snow much either. he used to but he'd much rather snuggle up on our bed and take over our pillows :) this is going to sound ridiculous but we have an imaginary friend for our dog.. made up when we felt bad leaving him alone when we both went to work. and it's a husky. i just realized you have a cocker/husky combo. :) have a good weekend~



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