New Look

You've probably noticed  a few  some drastic changes around here. That's because I was in great need of a face-lift... for a while. So it all began in August. I looked around for a looong time. I read lots of testimonials and checked out all the different packages and prices that were being offered. As soon as a came across Kaylie's blog I knew she was the one. She fit my style and also my price range. I love my blog and all, but let's get real for a sec, I don't blog enough to spend tons of money on a design. So with that begin said, she fit my requirements perfectly and I couldn't be happier. There's still a few things we're she is working on (I just sit back and watch her do her magic). So if you're in the market for a face-lift yourself, please don't hesitate for contact Kaylie. She was beyond patient with me and has met everyone of my requests :)
Kaylie Marie
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