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i want to introduce all my lovely swappers to you. it's incredible how many of these lovely ladies have actually become dear friends. that's what this is all about anyways -- making friends & lasting imprints. i love blogging. ...anyways! here is a sponsor spotlight; exactly what it sounds like, a spotlight on each of my sponsors. i asked them all the same question & they are sharing their answers with you. lucky you!

question: what was the most awkward thing to happen to you last month?

i believe everyone should be able to laugh at themselves, but also be able to share those embarrassing moments with others. awkward moments are always best when shared, right? i'm sure many of you are going to be able to relate to these moments. i know i did. enjoy!

Oh goodness - you mean I have to pick just one awkward thing? Hmmm... I'll have to say that tripping up the stairs in a crowded stairwell & knocking someone else (a very cute someone else) over in the process trumps all other awkward encounters that I have on a daily basis. Sigh.
While driving home the other day from work, I was singing along to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I happened to be stopped at a stop light when I noticed a guy on the side of the street laughing at me. I felt quite silly and was very happy to drive away a few seconds later. 
Since we are moving this month I've been letting my neighbors know, a few of the men have been a little upset to see me leave. I'm guessing it might have something to do with my daily runs in my sports bra they are going to miss. 
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Living in Korea provides pages worth of awkward moments and in the last two years we've become used to people staring at us on the street or even coming up and taking pictures of us unannounced. But I never expected this to happen during work.
Last week I had to conduct interviews at work with my husband to test employees English proficiency. So as my husband and I were going through questions, the door opens and in walks a man with a camera. The man that we are interviewing tells us that he is his co-worker. He proceeds to come over to the table, point the camera right at my husband and me, take a picture and leave without saying a word. Talk about awkward. 
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At the beginning of the month I needed to make a payment to the hospital for an ER visit my son had made. And so I had the invoice in my hand and called the number. I spoke to this lady and she asked me the invoice number and name of patient. So after I gave her that info she then asked me to verify the birth date of the patient. So I gave her the month and day, then I paused for a minute for the year. And sadly to say, I TOTALLY FORGOT the year my son was born!!! I then tried to calculate it as fast as I could and ended up giving her two different years (which were both wrong). Then realizing it was wrong, I said "Oh wait that's not right, he's this old; that's not right, is it"?? While I was sounding like a complete retard, this lady was totally silent during this whole episode and probably thinking "Wow, this lady doesn't know when her SON was born." By this time I think she realized I didn't know it and then said "Well, can you verify your address?" and I LUCKILY was able to give her our address. She then proceeded to take my payment. As soon as this whole conversation ended, I then called my husband and told him what I had done. And while retelling the story I then realized I didn't even give her the right month and day, I gave her my other son's birthday!!! Ahhhh, talk about awkward!!! She probably thought there was something wrong with me :(
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The most awkward thing that happened to me this month was when I was confused with a 16-year-old. I was at church a couple weekends back sitting with my husband and several of our good friends. When the service was over we were all "mingling and chatting" and suddenly a young girl walks up to me and introduces herself. She says "Hi! My name is so & so and I just wanted to come meet you because I have never seen you here before. Why don't you ever come to youth group?" I didn't know how to respond - 1) I am the pastor's daughter-in-law and have been going to that church for a while and 2) I am 25 years old. I felt so awkward. I tried to nicely tell her that I go here with my husband, the pastor's son and I don't go to youth group because because I go to a young adult Bible Study. She then was a little taken aback and asked me how old I was. When I responded she said "OMG! I am so sorry, I thought you were 15 and I just wanted to invite you to youth group with me!" ....yeah. That's my awkward (yet normal) story!
I was getting out of my car, and instead of nicely standing up, 
I somehow fell out, and completely wiped out, in broad daylight. :)
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This month, we ran out of oil during the coldest days we have had yet this year, and guess what: the oil company couldn't deliver it until three days after we ran out. So... we had to hustle and find a place to stay for a few days! It was so awkward having to ask our friend if we could rent her guest cottage lol! But she totally understood and apparently it happens often. 
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Earlier this month my husband and I decided to try out the new Insanity workout. We ever took some before photos to track our progress! When my husband was taking my photos I got a little out of control and mooned him. That's right. Shorts down to my ankles, standing there in all of my glory and there are photos for proof. Weeks pass and my sister needs to use my camera for a school project. When I was showing her how to use it, she started going through the photos. I stepped aside as a few of her kids gathered around to look through the photos. Suddenly they all burst into laughter. My stomach drops. My sister shows me the camera screen with my naked booty. Awesome. Embarrassment flooded my face as I tried to explain why in the world I have a picture taken of my butt. Now whenever my nieces and nephews see me, they will really only think of the bare butt they saw on camera. Awkward much?
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I seem to have a lot of awkward things happen to me -- I think I just attract them! Probably the most awkward one though actually happened to me this week. I was sitting at the mechanic waiting for my car to get fixed and an older lady approached me and asked me to send a text message for her. My first thought: "Ohmygoodness...I'm on Betty White's show where they make fun of young people! I should've put on makeup this morning!" Ha! In reality, I totally wasn't and she just wanted me to text a friend a regular old message, but that was seriously the FIRST thought the popped into me head!!! While it wasn't awkward for her, I felt totally awkward and was so thankful I didn't accidentally say it our loud! :)
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The most awkward thing to happen to me this month is me yelling behind me, thinking hubby is there ya know, cause I swear he just was, right? Mmm, no. Try some random neighbor as I yell and look right at him, and say "do your legs hurt?" His face -- priceless. Me -- don't look back, don't look at him, look down, move legs move.  As I am running down the stairs to get in the car I smack my forehead. Husband -- "what did you say?" Me -- "Nothing." Awkward.
I was at the gas station filling up my car (duh), and I decided to wash my car windows with the squeegee, and a lady came up to me and said "what you doin'?" I of course had no clue what she was talking about, so she said "what you doin' with my car?" As she was saying this, she peered through my car windows and discovered that it wasn't her car and she had made a big mistake. Turns out, her car was right next to mine, had people in it, and looked way different than my car. It was too funny! She apologized and we laughed about it. It was probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me this month, becuase I was getting a little scared that I had done something wrong. I probably looked a little scary when she was talking. Seriously the funniest and most embarrassing this ever!

weren't you able to relate to some of those stories? maybe it's just me & my many awkward moments, but either way, i always enjoy a good laugh. be sure to check these fine ladies out on their blogs. who knows, you might find yourself becoming friends & sharing more awkward moments :)

now M & i are off to our one night vaca in the mountains. hooray!!


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  1. This was way cute Laurie!! I loved reading all of these funny stories! Makes me feel better about all the silly things I do and go through ;) Hope you had a fun time up in the mountains!!




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