celebrating one year of marriage

i love being married. i love that i have a husband who values our marriage. who respects me & treasures what we have together. he puts me & our pups first before himself. & he's constantly working to make our lives better. i'll never understand how i was so blessed with this man. i love you mitch. you're the light of my world. this year was a huge learning experience but what i'll remember the most was all the fun we had. i can't wait to see what year-two has in store for us & the many after that. 

i love you.


  1. happy happy anniversary you two!!!! love you both! you're such a sweet couple that is a great example of what a marriage should be!

  2. Happy Anniversary! :) Here's to many many more! :)

  3. happy anniversary! i love your story and how ya'll have fun together. love you all! xx | Natalia

  4. such sweetness. happy anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary! You're such a perfect couple. :)

  6. I'm a little late, sorry, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND MITCH!!! You two are seriously thee cutest and most perfect for each other!! You two seem like you've been married forever because you seem to have got marriage down good!! :)

    xoxoxoxoxoxo! :)



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