life lately {23}

1// 365 picture of us eating out at moe's {a personal favorite. sorry chipotle}.
2// M got me an early anniversary gift. he's now my favorite thing EVER! oh, & M's pretty awesome too ;)
3// another 365 picture. this time with the super moon. 
4// this was before he bought it. i was simply planting the seed :)
5// a day full of errands that i'm pretty sure didn't get completed. ooops.
6// restocking dog food. 
7// mmm the varsity food truck.
8// maggie with her beach hat on. girlfriend loved it... i think. either way she was precious.
9// moi. using the camera as an app. accidentally snapped a picture.
10// my girl.

i really enjoying doing these posts. 
they're like weekly reflections. 

the week started out great. on one of my two days off we ran errands. we weren't able to complete them all, but hey! i think i remember i was okay i with that :) i saw my first ever food truck in town. kind of a big deal for me - PLUS it was a varsity food truck. duh, i got something {silly question}. but i'll be honest, lately the mood in the house has been off. we're all anxiously waiting for the doctor's orders on my mother-in-law's cancer. she's having a biopsy next week & we're supposed to know more after that. situations like this are often foreign for me. i never know what to say, or most of the time, what not to say. i'm one who likes to talk about things instead of holding it in. & i know that's not for everyone, so sometimes you have to tell me to be quiet haha. but as a distraction from our worries & as an early one year anniversary gift, my husband {who can't keep surprises & always fails to wait for the actually day for any holiday} got me a gift that i won't be able to top. but you won't hear complaining from me. thanks for the new toy babe. it should surely motivate me to blog more ;)

what have you been up to lately?


  1. That accidental photo you snapped is gorgeous! And of course I'm loving your anniversary gift... such a sweet husband!

    As for cancer, my dad's side has a lot of it. I never know what to say because I'm bad at holding it all together when sad, but being supportive is all you can do. I'm sure your mother-in-law is very thankful to have you!

  2. I love your lately posts! I'm glad you do them too :) Your dog with that hat on is seriously too funny!! And of course you and M are totally cute!!




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