doors of st. augustine

pardon my grungy appearance. when we vacation, especially to the beach, i pack maaybe one outfit that has potential to be worn in public places. my purse/beach bag is pathetic i know. i purposely leave all cosmetics at home & though it doesn't appear so, i did remember to pack a hairbrush... 

getting to the point of this post -----> st. augustine is a beautiful place. it's so clean & filled with so much charm. not to mention there's history around every corner. the hospitality here easily puts georgia to shame. i'm pretty positive i mentioned to M that i wanted to stay here. we only needed to return to georgia to get our pups, my hairdryer & a better purse ;) while wandering st. augustine's precious streets we noticed how unique the buildings front doors were. they each held their own set of characteristics that warmed our hearts & invited us in. some doors weren't meant to be entered. others appeared to be as old as the city. either way, together they all helped create a quaint city that makes me want to pack up my tiny family & move to.


  1. I loved St. Augustine. Such a beautiful place to stroll around. I also liked that it was so dog friendly. :)

  2. awe dear, you look beautiful no matter what! and i love the purse, but this is coming from someone who has a soft spot for what my husband calls 'hippy purses'. aka brightly colored cloth bags : )

  3. You look so adorable and comfy- I don't know how you think you look bad!

  4. ahh you're way too cute. your hair is getting long! and i love your outfit. i would consider myself pretty good if i dressed that cute for vacation. and the doors are awesome. xx | Natalia

  5. ummm excuse me? grungy appearance? lol i think not.
    p.s. insanity is killin me!

  6. First of all, you are gorgeous!! I wish I looked that way when I am grungy! And secondly, these pics are all so cute!! I love all the fun and different doors!! Sounds/looks like a great trip!!




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