wedding part one

july 15th marks our first anniversary. yep we're still really new to marriage. many have begged asked for a wedding post but somewhere in the past i told myself i wasn't doing one until our first anniversary. impressed that i managed to keep that little promise i made with myself? me too! i'm biased when i say our wedding was perfect. i can't remember a single thing going wrong that whole day. actually, the entire planning process was a breeze. maybe it had something to do with my laid-back personality & lack of bridezilla in me t/hat contributed to such a blessed day. or maybe it was because i had pinterest to guide me the whole way. the weather the week before breached 100 degrees --yuck. we worried that's how the wedding day would end up -- miserable. but fortunately it cooled off nicely & even the rain held up. we got married at four oaks manor, a charming home just a few minutes from where we each grew up. i honestly drove by the place a hundred times & never once noticed it until we were looking for venues. all it took was one look at it & we immediately fell in love with its natural state & intimacy. we knew it was the place for us. 

wedding planning is a funny thing. you plan for what will probably be the biggest party of your life for it to all end in a few hours. in my next life i'm having a wedding that last days. who wants to come?

return tomorrow for another wedding post!



  1. OMG. Your wedding was one of 'those' Pinterest perfect weddings wasn't it?!?!?! Shoot. If only Pinterest had been around for my wedding! Love these pics! It look absolutely gorgeous! I'm eagerly awaiting the rest!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  2. this looks so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more

  3. oh man, your wedding was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us :) I love all of the signs and personal touches.. you guys did a great job!

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing your day with us and I completely agree that a wedding should last a whole week long!!!

  5. Looks gorgeous! Love it!
    Need to pin this! :)

  6. cuuute! and your photographer did an amazing job!
    happy almost anniversary you two cuties :)

  7. Oh love all those details shots, those are my favourites when it comes to wedding photography. So beautiful.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  8. YAY!! I'm so excited to look through all your wedding pics!!! :) Love this venue too!!



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