friday's letters {28}

dear sharknado i had heard many things about you. some being "ridiculous" or "hilarious". think i even heard "best movie of the year"? but no matter what people said nothing would have prepared me for you. let's just say you were highly enjoyed & are now the butt of many jokes in the brotherton household.
dear iPod i lost you one night during an evening stroll on the beach. i realized it almost as soon as it happened but it was already so dark it was nearly impossible to see. we searched & searched but you couldn't be found. that next morning we just happened to be walking in the same area & some how stumbled upon. the ipod gods were looking out for me.
dear girls {yes i'm referring to our pups} your daddy & i have thoroughly enjoyed watching you two at daycare on the internet cameras. maggie, you'll occasionally move to sniff something that probably smells good? kodi, you're always running around. not ever running to play with another dog -- literally just running around the room. it's kind of strange. we can't wait to pick you two up tomorrow!
dear st. augustine our time with you has been one for the books. you were cancelled earlier in the summer but fortunately things worked in a way that allowed us to come anyways. this seven day vacation has been more than relaxing but refreshing. it's allowed us to get away from the cancer topics & focus on being together as a family. i'll never forget what you've done for us.

h a p p y F R I D A Y!

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  1. Happy friday dear! What a lovely picture of you guys. :) I've enjoyed your photos on Insta the last few days! Sharknado I keep hearing about this one. lol. I'm kind of dreading it but very interested as well!

  2. Ah! I cannot believe that you lost your iPod and then found it the next day! That's amazing!

  3. <3 this. St. Augustine is gorgeous and I'm glad you were able to spend time with loved ones.

    Oh, and when we move to Boston, I'm finding a doggie daycare with internet cameras. Amazing!



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