lately {25}

we are at the beach. need i sigh again? with this cancer crap & busy lives, it's been everything we've needed as a family. just getting a way was good enough -- having the beach & ocean combination is the cherry on top if i do say so myself. so lately life's been all about the sand, sunscreen, getting sun kissed {& kisses from M ;)}, celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary!!! & creating memories that i never want to forget.
- - - - - - - - - - -
one // gummi bears for the car ride {& maybe my entertainment}
two // just arrived! #hallelujah
three // lover feet
four // looking for sharks teeth
five // me & my new favorite cardigan
six // more shells & a bruise on my foot from a failed attempt at skim boarding
seven // playing with sparklers in honor of our anniversary
eight // M&L
nine // ready to hit up the beach together
ten // the doors of st. augustine
eleven // building a killer sand castle
twelve // the prettiest floors at the prettiest church
what have you been up to lately?
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  1. le sigh. hope you have fun at the beach! we've been trying to get out and get some sun. jeremy got some...it'll take some time for mine to soak in though! (i thought marrying a red head meant that i would always be the tan one in the family. jokes on me). LOVE your sparkler photos!



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