a night in

sometimes going out is just exhausting. especially after a long week. so naturally that called for extra large sheets, our comfiest pajamas & the most sinful store bought gelato. i think the conversation went something like this --

L: "wanna make a fort?"
M: "you mean like with sheets & you crawl inside?!"
L: "yes, like with sheets & you crawl inside."
M: "you can't be serious. you're kidding me."

 we enjoyed the fort so much we extended it over our bed. it was like sleeping in a tent, just comfortable. & warm. indoors. no sleeping bags... yeah you get the idea. still way better.
fort making is so much fun, especially when you have the right person to play with :)

how did you spend your friday night?


  1. Such a cute idea! We have set up our tent in our living room before and love sleeping in it (one night turned to three oops) cute photos!

    1. Ahhh! Maybe that will be tonight's date night ;) So much fun!



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