friday letters {3} + lately

pictures from my phone
 new watch//early christmas present//chai tea//me & the hubs//being us//purdy leaf//kodi//maggie//playing with you new ball//at little sis's lacrosse game//good mornin' good lookin'//gelato mmm//

Dear M --  thank you for trying to take care of me yesterday. now i understand that you weren't being a controlling man, but a concerned & loving husband who wishes he could do everything for me. you're sweet. honestly though, #iamwoman

Dear Car -- after yesterday's incident {& yes, i'm talking about the flat tire} i feel like we have a stronger connection now that i handled your flat tire with grace a few tears & lots of bad words. what was up with your bolts being soooo dang hard to unscrew? couple times i thought i blacked out & lost my sight. but let's get real for a second, i. laurie brotherton. changed a tire. M was so proud we had a special dinner aaaand dessert ;)

Dear Weekend -- thought you would never come.

Dear Library -- i love that we live in a small town. before i would have to wait a least two weeks before a requested book would arrive. now i only have to wait a day? this has to be a dream.

Dear Target -- you make me want to go bankrupt. last night i even wanted to buy that Alice + Olivia Bike when i have no use for it. & those white wheels would never stay white. & yet, i usually go to you  for clothes, shoes, & other accessories first. you rock Target.

have a wonderful weekend.

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