lately {6}

lately it's been a whirlwind. i don't mind the hustle & bustle. the daily chaos. running around with my head cut off. cause christmas is right around the corner! tomorrow M & i are off of work for two weeks. two weeks we will get to spend days together without interruptions. whole days that we get to spend every minute with each other. these next two weeks are much needed. i've missed him so.

pictures from my phone
maggie our diva//our thrifted cookie jar//our date night in//her & that ball//she loves car rides//new favorite accessory//santa gorde//morning cup of green tea//seeing the hobbit//gifts are all wrapped//hugging my babies//like i said, they love car rides//little walk//pink rose//i spy kodi//farm animals//new fur vest yippee//feather christmas trees//the warmth of christmas...//group silly pictures//me & the sister-in-law//chessin//out on the water//drinking soaping bath water//ms. trouble//ornament reflection// 

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Gir your fur babies are so cute!!! Yay for time off. I wish I had time off, but as a Nurse I work holidays sometimes. :((

    1. We have a serious obsession with our pups ;) I've heard nursing can be a really rewarding profession. Too bad it requires so much time. I hope you at least get some time off to spend with the ones you love! Thanks for visiting Amanda!



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