the best of 2012

--- some of our favorite memories from 2012 ---
new year 2012!
M & i got engaged!
one of our many hikes as a soon-to-be family.
my first bridal shower.
celebrating kodi's 2nd birthday with homemade doggie cupcakes.
 engagement pictures. it's super difficult with multiple dogs. worth it though.
bridal party & the mom's making pottery. crafty woman right there!
i married the greatest man i know. 

we spent the next week in the beautiful country of mexico.

bought our pups life jackets for our lake.
spent quality time with family at hilton head island.
took the fight to cancer in the winship 5k.
shared M's first county fair experience.
took the girls {the airplane & thing of grapes} trick or treating. 
kodi & papa came in first place in the a annual dog jog/pup jam 5k. #ProudMommyMoment.
got my one & only tattoo
 i changed my first {& hopefully last} flat tire. that s*@# was hard!
came home one day to this --- kodi tore up papa's lunchbox.
 we cut down our first christmas tree. so much fun!
M surprised me with an early christmas slash birthday slash valentine's day slash... you get the idea, gift. i was pretty much in tears. i mean, it's only beens years i've been needing one.
discovered gelato & date nights in.
 revisited, with the girls, where papa proposed earlier the year.
 first christmas as mr. & mrs. will never forget it.
& we finally bought a car. FINALLY!!! now we're real grown ups.

this year was stacked with so many blessings. 
here's to a fresh start. maybe i'll actually keep a resolution or two for more than a month. could be the year :)

happy new year!!!


  1. Your wedding looks so inviting and beautiful. I love all those lights. It looks like you had a wonderful 2012, wishing 2013 to be even better!

    1. Thanks Shannon! 2012 will be hard to match :)

  2. Happy New Year! I love the family photo in the field with the dogs. :)


    1. Thanks Rachel! Phew that one picture took a LOT of work. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Looks like a great year! We bought a car this year too! Great pictures :)

    1. Nobody prepared me for how stressful car buying would actually be. But we successfully did it! Congrats on buying your car too!!!

  4. seriously so glad you introduced yourself! Cannot wait to follow your adventures over the next year!




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