friday letters {4}

dear M, i think we are getting too old to go to midnight movie premiers. i know you have to be zonked. only getting 4 hours of sleep can't be good when you're teaching teenyboppers. good luck babe.
dear hair, as i'm typing this post i'm also browsing for a cute hair cut. i'm thinking tomorrow will be the big day. we might have a ceremonial good-bye & one last decent hair washing before you get chopped.
dear green tea, it's been wonderful getting reacquainted with you this past week. didn't realize how much i missed you. also didn't realize how much i needed you. who knew you'd be able to stop all my cravings while at the same time providing me with a boost a caffeine. thanks friend.
dear weekend, you will be one for the books. early christmas with some family tomorrow. early christmas with more family sunday. i can't help but imagine what great food there will be. the holidays know how to please a girl.

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