special moments

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas with the ones they love most. we were spoiled with our mama's home cooking. ate my weight in chocolate everything. shared a beautiful christmas eve church service with my husband & in-laws. talked about the good'ol days of being kids on christmas morning. being a blubbering mess during the les miserables premiere. & of course, remembering the real reason for christmas, Jesus Christ. it's special moments like that with family & loved ones that mean more than presents.
& a classy brazzell family picture.

merry christmas. 
now onto a new year.
2013, here come the brotherton's!


  1. Your decorations are so beautiful! And I love the mugs! I did something similar with mustaches on mugs but I love your design!

    1. I saw your mugs. It's been something I've been wanting to do & you inspired me to finally do it :)



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