my thoughts

they aren't always full of sense. sometimes i just go off on tangents in my heads. just before falling asleep is the one time where i think the most. that time right as you're eye lids get heavy. 
like, what the heck! it's less than two weeks till Christmas day & we still don't need to turn the heat on. my fingers are still crossed for a white Christmas. & my toes, arms, legs, eyes. you get the picture. 
like, how i rekindled my love for green tea. there was a period where i got into M's coffee & earl grey (not mixed, don't worry). sometimes green tea is just the key to a good body & mind cleanse. 
like, how i'm still waiting for a certain someone's gift that was ordered almost a month ago? it better be here by the 25th or someone on etsy won't be receiving positive feedback. just sayin'.
or like, the fact that i'm going to need at least two, possibly three, razors the next time i decide to shave my legs. t.m.i.?

happy 12.12.12

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