friday's letters {25}

dear last week you were something else. nashville one night. indiana the next. even visited st. louis & ended up in the mississippi river at one moment. you were filled with so much adventure & laughter. can't wait to share more with you all next week.
dear kodi & maggie your daddy & i are so happy to be reunited with you two again. we've only spent a week away from you once before & this time it was more difficult. glad we're all together again :)
dear little tradition i've run out of bottles to put you in. in separate bags, we have dirt/mulch/gravel from central park, indiana, the arch in st. louis, illinois & even nashville {& most of that is all form last week}. i guess i'll go out tomorrow to find cute bottles for ya.
me getting dirt from the cahokia mounds in illinois.
dear jury duty uggghh... you start monday. i'm not looking forward to you at all. but it's my civic duty as an american & i accept that. still doesn't mean i'm not hoping they won't need me.

happy friday!!!!

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  1. On Instagram I saw that you all were all over! you just kept going!! those trips are the best, even when they wear us out!

    and this is probablyyyy a dumb question, but how do you get your photos next to one another?

  2. i love love love that tradition of yours! me and jeremy have tried to collect something from each place we've gone, and we've tried to have it all the same but it never works out. so far we have stickers, postcards, and paintings...hmmmm i think we need some uniformity here

  3. I love that you got dirt from the Arch grounds in St. Louis and the Cahokia mounds, haha. I might have to run out and grab some before we move away from St. Louis--good idea!!

  4. I am not just saying this, but YOU AND M are seriously one of thee cutest couples I know!! You can truly see that you married your best friend! :) I love looking at pics of you two :) Thanks for sharing your cuteness with me!! And how did jury duty go? Is it over, or one of those week long ones? Hopefully you survived!!




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