marriage update

in less than a month M & i will have been married for one year. that's wild to think about. i can still vividly remember the weeks leading up to our wedding day. remember all the planning & that morning perfectly. so, it's hard to think that almost a year has pasted since then. but in that short year, i've learned a lot about marriage.

... learn to pick your battles. we don't fight. ask anyone who knows us & they'd say the same thing. but, like any couple, we have disagreements. we both don't like confrontation & try to avoid it as much as possible. but if we find ourselves arguing/bickering, we ask if it's worth it. life's to precious to be wasted on the small stuff. which leads me to my next point.
... learn to laugh together. we've almost perfected this. not sure if that's something that should be pointed out or not. we try to laugh at our mistakes. laugh at our stupidity. most importantly, laugh with each other. we make it our goal to laugh & smile together more than anything else we do.
... but sometimes it's best to be quiet. being with someone 24/7 requires some separation. we don't get mad when we need alone time. this is crucial for us in order to have a happy marriage. occasionally M will meditate or go for a run, & i know this means he needs time to himself. NO WIFE ALLOWED time. & i'm okay with that. i respect his space just like i'd except him to respect mine. but i wouldn't have known this without the next point.
... you need to communicate. our favorite time to talk to each other is in bed. we call it Pillow Talk. it's when we talk about anything. we often reminisce. wonder what our kids will be like. where we'll be in five years. what kodi & maggie would look like if they were human. have tickle fights that turn into wrestling matches. laugh till we cry moments. communication is key & probably the most important thing we've learned this year. it's what keeps us on the same page. update us on each others feelings & thoughts. it simply keeps us connected.

marriage is still a bit foreign to us, but i'm confident we're going to enjoy every bit of it.


  1. you two are so incredibly perfect for each other it makes me sick...in a good way of course. i love hearing about your relationship and i think that the first year is so vital. you learn so much about each other in such a short amount of time. people always say the first year is the hardest but i for one really enjoyed it!

  2. this is lovely! it's lucky to have found someone you truly love and have them loving you back. Congrats on your anniversary! am going to keep these points for future use! :)

  3. Oh this is so sweet! Thank you for sharing those few little things you've learned about marriage so far. I'll keep them in mind for someday! Pillow talk is going to be the best :)

  4. These tips are perfect and WOW, your wedding photos are dreamy! You two are adorable!!

  5. So precious! I loved your tips:) ps you are so beautiful!!!

  6. this is too sweet. i love it. and your wedding pictures are amazing!

  7. I love these photos! Can I just speak for all bloggers out there? Do a wedding picture post! :) Congrats on your almost one year! D and I are almost to three. Yikes. We were just talking last night how we have known each other for SEVEN YEARS (as friends the first three).

    My husband and I rarely fight as well (rarely as in once a year). Your tips are perfect. :)

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language



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