new york -- day two

we started our second day off by taking the subway all the way to downtown. didn't have any set plans, but when you're in new york you don't have to have any -- there's something to do pretty much on every street corner. we found a quiet spot by the hudson river where we watched the boats cruise by & watched some locals cast their rods. we then headed into chinatown so i could find some bubble tea :) that was the best tapioca i've ever had. it was so soft & refreshing. i remember wishing i got a large instead of a small. after strolling through chinatown, we found ourselves in little italy. we knew we wanted to have lunch there. i mean who wouldn't want delicious italian food in new york city?! as per the photo above, i enjoyed a hefty plate of pasta while M {being the healthy one in the relationship} ate a chicken salad. psssh, who wants to be healthy. after taking the subway back to uptown, we stopped by central park. ahhhh, i love that place. it's so nice to see so many people enjoying the city's greenery. we could have spent an entire day playing there. i just know kodi & maggie would have loved central park :) 

we took a brief intermission back at the hotel. up to this point we hadn't had a break. rested for about an hour. took a shower. then headed back to the city's amazing streets. we didn't spend a lot of time in times square, just because it was so crowded, but M had to see it at least once during the evening. it was weird hanging out in times square close to midnight. though it was dark out, the surrounding lights lit it up so much you'd think it was morning. the next morning M told me he woke up at 3am & looked out the window. he said he wanted to see if the city was sleeping. 


i love you, new york.


  1. Looks so amazing!! All of that good food! The city tht never sleeps... I would die to go to NYC!

  2. Bubble tea! I JUST found a place in Busan (45 minutes away) that has the BEST bubble tea! I'm glad you found one that you like as well. I love the picture of you guys in the grass. Way too cute!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  3. I know where I want to move next!

  4. i'm coming along as the third wheel next time!



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