lately {22}

yeah, so lately i've been trying to go through all the pictures we took on our road trip last week. yep... there's a ton so i'm pretty much putting it off till... whenever i'm ready. 

lately we've been watching an unhealthy amount of dexter episodes. CAN'T. STOP. only a few more episodes till we're caught up with the current session. shhhh! don't give anything away!

lately i've been itching for a new phone. yeah yeah yeah, i know i've only had this one for nine months but i really want a new toy. #firstworldprobs M says we don't have the money to throw at a phone we don't need. but he doesn't know i'm secretly hiding my paychecks to save up for it. muahahaha.

lately i've been craving to facelift my blog. everyday i'm seeing a new blog get updated & i'm loving them all! who do i contact for that task, cause i know i'm not skilled in that department.

what have you been up to lately?


  1. I am with you on that. i want a new face soo bad. i am in the middle of it.. but it is SO SO much work! and i am not skilledi n this domain. if only we could learn these things while we sleep... looks like you've been having a great road trip!

  2. As far as blog design goes, talk to Aubrey Kinch from The Kinch Life or Erin from Two Thirds Hazel =)

  3. I am HORRIBLE about always wanting something new and different!! I think that is why I am always changing my buttons and such. I'm sure you will find someone awesome that will give you the changes you want! And good luck on saving for your phone!! My hubby would tell me the same thing!




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