lately {21}

lately we've been on the road. stopped in nashville for a good ole' honky-tonk {& to find me a cowboy to bring home to mom}. with perfect evening weather, we watched a live concert by the river. that next morning we were on the road again, headed to indiana where the real parties were ;) lately i've been a night owl due to staying up way past our bedtime & all the wedding festivities. i haven't danced so much since my senior prom. it was such a great time with family & friends. wish it didn't have to end. 
but now i'm writing this from st. louis. where the weather is almost as humid as august in georgia! it's nuts, but a nice taste of home all the same. 

driving into nashville // rockin' out to the live music // beautiful buildings in nashville // needed some pick-me-ups // storm blowing in // all pumped to party... except for M // admiring the scenery // M&L // prettiness from st. louis // collecting dirt //    

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Looks like y'all have been having a lot of fun. What part of Indiana were you in? How'd you like it? xx

  2. i'm sincerely jealous of all your traveling in the states! sounds like you had some great trips!



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