lately new york has been just a memory. our trip was a blast &, like always, ended too soon. we focused on taking our time, while also doing whatever we wanted. it was our first
 trip where we set aside a hefty amount of spending money to ensure just that. though we 
didn't come close to spending it all, we definitely did spoil ourselves. 
here are a few images of our lives lately.

sunrise from the plane // M excited about our 16inch nyc style pizza // my first macaroon // playing in new york's public library // hotel room view // shack shake goodness // obligatory airport bathroom picture // M&L // i love that man // a few instax's // our tiny plane // see ya' later nyc

what have you been up to lately?


  1. awe you two are so cute! your trip looked like such a blast! next trip i'm planning a couples trip for us : )

    1. a couples retreat?! hot dog! definitely somewhere tropical with great nightlife ;)

  2. WHOA, that pizza is HUGE!! And it looks so YUMMY!! So excited that you were able to go to NYC!! How was your macaroon??? I still have not tried one, hopefully soon!! And I love your pants in that B&W pic, you look so CUTE!!!


    1. thank you shio! oh man that pizza was amazing! it was so good we went back another night. the macaroon was delicious too. it was birthday cake flavor :)

  3. I am SO glad you two went and had a great time. What a city eh? I would live there in a heartbeat if I could. Such great food. :) Will make sure to link up with you next week :)

  4. great photos, i would love to visit new york sometime! looks like you had a blast :)



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