lately {26} & resurfacing

lately i've been sick. like help-i'm-seeing-double-can't-breathe sick. after multiple doctor visits, a bottle of steroids, an inhaler & a few bottles of nyquil later, i've been able to move & finally resurface. but being sick definitely has its advantages.

like getting new phones - - -> 

there's actually a story behind this. M's never had a smart phone *gasp* yeah i know. weird. my phone basically runs my life from sunup to sundown. i guess he woke up that morning realizing it was time to man up & get a real phone. & because he can't do anything without thinking of me {& the fact that i was sick} he got me one too. thanks for the new life support hun. it's the shiz.

also getting new clothes - - -> 
i've never owned a peplum top before. now i own two. looks like i actually have hips. i can get used to this.

& lately there's also been lots of doggie snuggle time under the covers. as well as plenty of time to rest & watch trashy reality tv. though all of those things were great to receive due to my illness, probably the best thing about being sick was the outreach & encouragement i got from you guys. i couldn't believe the number of sweet emails & even letters in the MAIL from friends i've created over the internet. you all make me feel so special.

wanna be neighbors?

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Glad you're feelin better! Enjoy the new phone!

  2. So sorry you were sick and MIA! Glad you are feeling better and enjoy that phone. I hear they are great.



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