Friday's Letters {32}

dear bub (aka M) So my birfday is rounding the corner. & if I know you (which I do) you've probably already gotten moi something or you're working on it as I type. & if you know me (which you do) you probably know that I'm working on finding out what it is you're working on. Know what I mean? Basically, if you're reading this, know that you need to be sneakier or I'm going to figure out the BIG surprise (which I'm thinking there is a big surprise if I know you at all... which I do).
dear school Holy moly!!! You're already kicking my booty. Like mad hard too. & I JUST realized (like literally this second) that I left two sheets of negative sleeves in lab. Crap! Hope I didn't need those...
dear weekend I know I often say that I'm so happy you've arrived, but this time I reeeally mean it.
dear friends & family Please be in prayer for my family. I know that's broad, but there's so much going on in various parts of the family right now that I just need a large prayer umbrella-ing us all under it. But good news, my mother-in-law has recovered very well. Her voice was gone for a while but it's back & she's getting stronger everyday. Now we just have to get rid of the rest of the cancer. Baby steps yall!

Any plans for the weekend?
Peace loves!

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  1. Will be praying for your family and I'm happy to hear your mother-in-law is getting better.

  2. oh my, school is kicking my but to. What are you studying? A fun great space, so glad I found you through friday's letters



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