lately {30}

One // Jesus is on our watermelon. See Him? Do we eat it?
Two // Went to the movies (no surprise) & bub bought me my favorite! An XL slushie!
Three // spotted these suckers at PetSmart. Thinking Maggie will be Batman & Kodi will be her sidekick -- Robin. Cause we all know Maggie is the big sister & all.
Four // The mister's attempt at making up the bed. How you say "epic fail".
Five // Our gigantic box of coffee arrived just time for school. Pumpkin spice anyone?
Six // Trying to figure out what to wear for my first blate. Clearly I was struggling. 
Seven // Visual theory isn't our favorite class. Fortunately I friends to make it fun.
Eight // She's been getting into lots of trouble lately. I think it's because her mama & papa aren't home much anymore. So she's been spending quality time in her crate.
Nine // Found this creepy home to shoot for an assignment. 
Ten // My life now.
Eleven // A 365 picture from the other day. Not real sure how we didn't crash. Don't try this at home kids.
Twelve // Me & my daddio. Dude turned 49. Isn't his gote (spelling?) killer?

What have you been up to lately?

btw -- I totally wrote this on my phone. Sorry for all the spelling/grammar errors. 


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  1. shoot, i can't see it. walk me through it : ) and my inlaws are coming this week andbring with them COFFEE real coffee and creamer!! and it won't cost an arm and a leg! you know i'm excited ; )



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